NEW LOOK! NEW FORMULA! AMINOVITA PLUS, mixed vitamins developed by the professional research team.

Beneficial microbes are added to boost enzyme production and the digestive system. No more bloating, dropsy, and intestinal problems. A perfect companion to enhance instant feed. With the new formula, the powerful microbes multiple themselves hundreds of thousands times!! (18 x 10 to the power of 5)
Enhance fish’s coloration, stimulate growth, improve the reproductive system, essential for healthy scales and bones, as well as boost energy.Expect the result within 7 DAYS!(Packed with rich nutrients and essential vitamins, even more than fresh food)

AMINOVITA PLUS contains high-concentrated mixed vitamins.With Nanotechnology, the vitamins’ molecules become the smallest size that suitable for absorption. As a result, it helps to boost up the fish’s energy, reproductive system, as well as a detoxification process. The product also helps with your fish’s healthy appetite and enhances thecolors to be shiny and beautiful.
Antioxidant gets rid of free radicals, helps detoxifying, and protects cells from toxins.
VITAMIN A: Beneficial to growth, cell reproduction, and color enhancement. Along with Vitamin E, it supports carotenoids which are essential pigments for fish coloration
VITAMIN E: Improve the reproductive system and enhance coloration
VITAMIN D: Boost calcium absorption in the liver that contributes to healthy scales and bones
VITAMIN K: Help with blood clotting and prevent intestinal diseases
THIAMIN (VITAMIN B1): Act as an antioxidant and reduce toxic conditions found in chemical substances and some antibiotics
RIBOFLAVIN (VITAMIN B2): Eliminate toxins and boost the fish’s energy
NICOTINAMIDE (VITAMIN B3): Detoxify the liver and help with fat metabolism
CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE (VITAMIN B5): Encourage detoxification especially in the case of the infected liver
PYRIDOXINE (VITAMIN B6): Get rid of harmful toxins
CYANOCOBALAMIN (VITAMIN B12):  Reduce stress and beneficial to the nervous system
BIOTIN (VITAMIN B): Boost energy for detoxification and excrete antibiotic in the body
LECITHIN: Beneficial for the cell walls in the liver and encourage efficiency in fat metabolism
TUNA OIL: Act as a solvent for Vitamin A, D, E, and K which need to be dissolved in oil. Increase appetite for your fish.
Our professional research team develops the supplement with a new formula to make it works efficiently with instant feed. Also, the supplement
will act as a solution to prevent common diseases occurring among ornamental fish: bloating, dropsy, and intestinal problems. These syndromes commonly happen in ornamental fish like betta fish, goldfish,cichlid, and dragonfish.
Bacillus22X10 spore/ml SC is added!
- Bacillus multiplies rapidly within 4 seconds, up to hundreds of thousands times. (18 x 10 to the power of 10)
- With the size larger than Bacillus and other bacterias, the microbes are dominant and help control other disease-causing microbes.
- Powerfully destroy protective walls of bacteria and viruses in water.
- As the microbes growing in the digestive tract, they provide nutrients. The microbes produce vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, and growth factors
beneficial to fish’s growth.
- The microbes improve your fish’s digestion as they produce rich protease, amylase, and lipase. Also, there are enzymes like pectinase, glucanase,
and cellulase destroying plant cell walls to release nutrients.
Drop AMINOVITA PLUS all over the feed (not excessively watery) then mix them.
In case of powdered feed, add a little bit of water. The supplement is perfect for all types of fish.
Don’t add the product into the water directly. It must be mixed with instant feed for the best nutrients.
The supplement is absorbed effectively by consumption.*Don’t mix the supplement with fresh food
The reason why you need to feed the supplement by mixing it with the food instead of soluble substances Freshwater fish’s bodies include skin and scales preventing the water from the outside. To breathe in oxygen, the gills are the only part that water can get through. Naturally, freshwater fish rarely consume water as it builds excessive weight and causes difficulty for them to swim. As they absorb water from the breathing process, minerals in blood excrete through their gills. Therefore, the gills have special cells protecting the loss of minerals.Furthermore, the freshwater fish also have a kidney to help them with eliminating excessive water in the process of urination.This is why we must mix the supplement with feed. As the freshwater fish naturally balance water absorption and excretion, they don't absorb the supplement in the dissolved form completely. Another issue is that the dissolved supplement causes the reduction of oxygen as it includes vitamin A, D, E, K, the ones that need to be dissolved in oil. [ It’s essential to add oil as a solvent. ] When adding the supplement directly into the water, the oil will float above the surface and prevent air circulation. As a result, the oxygen in water reduces. Also, the oil in vitamins which isn’t absorbed will cause ammonia poisoning in water.

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