Are you planning to go on a vacation or a business trip? These are what to prepare as a betta owner.

It’s commonly known that betta fish can live without food for several days. They store fat as a source of energy. However, it depends on your fish’s physical condition - which is the result of consistent care of food and water environment. Today, we’re going to guide you through all steps you need to take before enjoying a long holiday.💡

💧 Change water in the fish tank a day before you leave. Don’t forget to add the water enhancer – Tantanic, Blue Tannic, or Aquatan.

💧 When changing water, most of you add 0.5 cc of Cotrixide per 1 liter of water for protection. In this case, don’t add Cotrixide but add Quacillus instead. Why? Because Cotrixide effectively gets rid of any kind of bacteria and parasite in water and on the betta fish. As a result, it will also destroy Quacillus,
a beneficial microbe which we’ll add in the 3 rd step. Therefore, Cotrixide is unnecessary this time.

💧 Add a drop of Quacillus in the fish tank after you’ve changed the water. Just a drop is already high-concentrated with the beneficial microbe – the one which is rare to find in the market. 4 seconds after adding the product, the microbe multiplieshundreds of thousands times. Quacillus is perfect for destroying bacteria and viruses in water. Don’t worry if the water becomesmurky. It’s totally normal as that’s how Quacillus works. It not only gets rid of harmful particles but also helps stimulate enzymes in fish’s digestive tract.

💧 In the morning before you leave, feed your betta fish with a mixture of small pellets and Aminovita in the regular portion.Don’t leave too much food, overfeeding may cause your fish to death. Aminovita helps maintain the fish’s energy and is beneficial to its growth, coloration, and reproductive system.
We assure you that this meal will meet nutritional requirements and contains essential vitamins - even more than fresh food which sometimes causes infection.

***Warning: don’t feed your fish right after the water change.Also, don’t change the water right after feeding. This may cause your betta to become shocked! It’s the case we’ve seendaily.

😄Good water quality reduces infection caused by an unhealthy living environment. Good food reduces the risk of infection from fresh food. To minimize the chance of your fish getting sick and to maintain its good health in the long term is what our professional team prioritizes when developing each product.
Expectantly, your lovely fish will become more beautiful with bright coloration and healthy physical.

Our products are developed by the professional research team
and experienced specialists including:
✳️Fishery Specialist
✳️Water Quality Specialist
✳️Environmental Specialist
✳️Animal Specialist
✳️Animal Nutritionist

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