As a beginner, learning how to raise a betta fish can make you sweat. You may drown in a sea of information and can

Fortunately, there are basic things you can learn as a new bettafish owner. Don’t worry, with GOLDENBETTA products, they will be a good helper to take care of your betta fish. Raising this lovely pet couldn’t be easier!

From the tank preparation to how to take care of betta fish, let’sget started! 🙌

1. Prepare a fish tank in the shape you prefer with a size of 4*6 inches or larger.

2. Fill the tank with tap water - without chlorine. Don’t use filtered water because it may cause a deficiency of minerals like magnesium and calcium. Your betta fish may survive but not be fully developed. This refers to the law stipulating that drinking water mustn’t contain heavy metals more than required as the metallic elements can harm the human body. Therefore, the manufacturers need to remove the substances. As a result, the filtered water doesn’t contain sufficient minerals to raise a betta fish. Just a month, it’s noticeable that your fish gets sick easily with withered tail and fins. So, tap water is the best option. Just add the water enhancer like Tantanic, Bluet Tannic, or Aquatan to the water. It will adjust the water to be in perfect conditions for raising betta fish.

3. Add Tantanic, Blue Tannic or Aquatan to your water. Any choice of colorations has the same benefit. Just add the product to tap water, it will eliminate chlorine right away! It can be tested with a chlorine meter. No need to add salt or Indian almond leaves. (Our products are Tannin extract so they won’t
cause infection from bacteria and harmful germs found in the fermented leaves.) After the water conditioning, you can nowadd the fish to the tank.

4. To protect your fish from external infection, add 0.5 cc of Cotrixide per 1 liter of water. Cotrixide can get rid of bacteria
existing in water and on the fish body. Add the recommended amount of the product for protection every time you change the water. It helps minimize the risk of infection. Cotrixide works excellently around 5 days after added to the water. Therefore, after 5-7 days, it’s a proper time to change the water. But in
case you feed the fish with fresh food, this method may not work effectively. Remember that fresh food is likely to cause infection.

5. Routinely feed the fish with a mixture of small pellets and Aminovita Plus. For a fish, just a meal a day is enough. Our research team has developed the meal to meet all nutritional requirements. Aminovita Plus is a supplement to keep your fish beautiful with its healthy physical, coloration, and reproductive
system. There is a beneficial microbe to increase enzyme for digestion, so it prevents your fish from bloating. The feed is richer in nutrients than fresh food and reduces any infection caused by germs in fresh food.

6. Change the water once a week. The consistent water change will help reduce germ accumulation and toxic ammonia. You need to change the water totally to remove the germs. Don’t forget to clean stones and plants as these are where bacteria locating. The waste and dirty particles generally form
on the leaves and stones. You need to face a risk of infection if you want decorations in the fish tank.

⚠️ Don’t clean the fish tank with household cleaning products. Just rinse and clean the fish tank with water. The cleaning agents can harm your fish as the chemical substance forms on the surface of the fish gills. It may harm the fish to death.
⚠️ Don’t feed your fish right after the water change. Also, don’t change the water right after feeding. This may cause your betta to become shocked! It’s the case we’ve seen daily.

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