When it comes to cleaning and taking care of a fish tank, there are common mistakes beginners always make. Just cleaning seems very easy, but doing it wrong can harm your fish to death!

For beginners who are using cleaning products like dishwashing liquid,laundry detergent, or other degreasers to wash your fish tank. Stop using them! These are the cause behind cases occurring every day. The cleaning products we mentioned are the reason why your fish start to float at the top, have abnormal gills, and breathe rapidly - eventually leading them to death within hours. The chemicals will be stuck andaccumulate on the fish gills. Although you rinse a container with water several times, the chemicals are still there! Of course, with an animal living inside that container, the leftover chemicals will be harmful.

These are the right (and safe) ways to clean a fish tank :
1. Rinse a fish tank with clean water and use a sponge to rub
If you still feel that cleaning with water isn’t enough to get rid of germs,fill the fish tank with water and add 1 cc of Cotrixide per 1 liter of water.
Leave it for half an hour. The disease-causing microbes and microbial spores will be eliminated completely.

2. Set the container face-down and let it dry in the sun.

3. Before adding a fish, add TANTANIC, the water enhancer, along with Cotrixide in the protection rate (0.5 cc for 1 liter of water) every time you change the water. Doing this will help protect your fish from infection and create ideal water conditions.
(In case you add stones and plants inside the fish tank, don’t forget to clean them thoroughly. Clean the leaves by rubbing them with your hands. Remember that these decorative pieces are perfect spots for germs and bacterias.)

How to clean fish scoop and fishnet
1. Prepare a container like a tall glass or a jar and fill the container withwater.

2. Add 1 cc of Cotrixide per 1 liter of water in the container.

3. Drown your fish scoop or fishnet inside the container and leave it for 1 - 2 hours. The disease-causing germs will be eliminated.

4. Rinse the equipment with water and let them dry in the sun before the next use.

Thank you very much for following, if there is any mistake, apologize.😊

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