One of the basic tips we give to beginners is to make their betta fish flare every day. Basically, your betta fish flare themselves when you show them to one another. Most of you may wonder, why do we need to do this?

Let's get to know the benefits of betta fish flaring!

1. Flaring is like daily exercise! When flaring, your betta will flex and tense their body muscles. To be healthy, betta fish need to work out and take care of themselves as humans do.

2. Forget about the withered appearance! Flaring allows betta fish to fan out their finnage. Your fish will get a healthy and beautiful structure.

3. It is another way to tell if your fish is either sick or infected. If your lovely betta can’t fan out their fins, that displays a sign of them becoming unhealthy.

1. If you raise more than two fishes, you can place fish tanks right beside the others. In this way, the betta fish will display aggression toward each other because of their highly territorial instinct.

2. If you have one betta fish, use a mirror to make the fish see its reflection. Doing this every day for 15 - 20 minutes will help your fish to exercise.

Note: During the day, place pieces of cardboard against the outside of glass fish tanks to prevent reflections. If you leave the glass tank uncovered, over-flaring will upset your betta and tire them out. Plus, seeing the other fish frequently, they may stop flaring as they eventually become used to each other. Remember to do it in moderation.

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