The fundamentals of a healthy life starts with water and food.

Betta fish is a kind of ornamental fish that has been developed to acquire a variety of features and colorations. Betta lovers all have their personal favorites,
but some of them can’t decide if they should raise a betta fish or not. In the beginning, you may be worried about taking care of them. There are many things
you need to prepare: equipment, water, Indian Almond leaves, live foods, or even time. Forget the hassle! We’ve gathered the common issues that beginners
experience and intend to fix all of them by researching, experimenting, and developing products to find simple yet effective ways to raise a betta fish. These
days, raising a betta fish has become convenient and easy. We've got the starter kit you all need to take care of this lovely animal. Let’s start with the equipment.

1.Containers for raising a betta fish: Choose a design of a fish tank as you like. There are many shapes to choose from such as round-shaped and square-shaped fish tanks. Here is a piece of advice! For a round-shaped fish tank, it can be harder to see the fish’s movement. But don’t worry, go ahead and choose what you like.

2. Tap water is the best choice for raising an aquatic animal. It contains minerals like magnesium and calcium which fish can absorb. However, the water must be free of chlorine. You need to get rid of chlorine before using it.

These are the types of water that aren’t suitable for raising betta fish:

- Drinking or filtered water: As required by the law, the heavy metals in water mustn’t exceed the regulatory limit. Because some heavy metals are filtered out, the fish are likely to have a deficiency in minerals like calcium and magnesium. As a result, they won’t grow well, become withered, and get sick easily.

- Distilled water: This type of water is a big no-no. The water is completely purified to the point that it doesn’t contain minerals and heavy metals at all!

- Groundwater: Excessive amounts of heavy metals, magnesium, and calcium aren’t beneficial for a fish. When the groundwater is pumped and meets the air, it turns into a rusty brown color. A reddish-brown appearance shows that there is too much heavy metal in it!
Please keep in mind, tap water without chlorine is the best choice for raising ahealthy betta fish.

3. Goldenbetta Tantanic: This product is developed particularly for beginners. For those who can’t find Indian Almond leaves and have been looking for a water conditioner that is easy to use and saves your time. No need to find Indian Almond leaves, add salt, and let the water with chlorine sit anymore! Tantanic is an all-in-one product. There is only one step you need to take towards a healthy environment in a fish tank. Tantanic will prevent surface scum, reduce ammonia in water, control a drastic change in pH level and maintain good water conditions for your fish.

Goldenbetta Tantanic is 100% natural tannin extract. It isn’t produced from Indian Almond leaves or Acacia Catechu. We select the best ingredients with
beneficial properties and be free of any toxins. Use the product to eliminate chlorine, prevent bacterias, and heal an injury. The water gradually turns into a
golden-orange color within 24 hours. Goldenbetta Tantanic is officially patented. It’s tested and developed by our professional research team who specializes in water quality.

How to use: add 1 gram spoon to 1 liter of water.
4. FoodSince instant food has been developed, feeding a betta fish couldn’t get easier! No need to find live foods. Goldenbetta Food includes high-quality fresh
ingredients which are processed into a balanced diet. It is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and 50% of the protein to meet your fish's nutritional
requirement. We also include another essential ingredient like yeast to boost energy, provide protein, and improve absorption for your fish. The fish food is
packed with beneficial microbes for better digestion. No more health issues like blocked intestine, intestinal gas, and bloating. Just feed your fish 1-2 meals a day. We guarantee that our food is already sufficient in nutrients, even more than fresh food! To develop Goldenbetta Food, we’ve worked with a professional team that specializes in fish nutrition. Good digestion and fast absorption are the results we aim for. Most importantly, we need to make sure that betta fish, a type of carnivorous fish, can enjoy the meal right away - without having to train them.

5. In case you use Goldenbetta Food together with Goldenbetta Tannanic, don’t worry if you see a group of tiny white organisms occurring in a fish tank. That’s paramecium which is a natural superfood for your fish. A culture of paramecium occurs naturally from good water conditions. It shows that the tea-colored water is free of chlorine and well-balanced. That’s the result of Goldenbetta Tantanic. The waste, particles, and fish excrement are food for paramecium. Along with yeast, an essential ingredient in our feed, it’s also a superfood for this beneficial microbe. Paramecium will eat up yeast, bacterias, and other disease-causing microbes while the fish eat the paramecium. As a result, your lovely betta fish will get a well-balanced environment.

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