Customers who have bought GOLDENBETTA Quacillus may have questions on how to use it correctly. Don’t worry, we’re going to guide you on how to get the most out of it!

How to use Quacillus with the adult fish individually separated:

1. Every water change, add Tantanic and Cotrixide in the ratio of protection. Cotrixide remains effective in protecting and destroying external
infections for 5 days after added to the water.

2. On the 6 th day, add just a drop of Quacillus as it is already high- concentrated. Quacillus rapidly multiplies after being added to the water.

Quacillus has several benefits. Don’t worry if your fish consumes it,because Quacillus helps produce beneficial enzymes in the digestive tract,
improve the excretory system, and prevent inflammatory bowels, constipation and bloating. The reason why we recommend you to add Quacillus on the 6 th day is that Cotrixide has already become ineffective after 5 days. Quacillus will do the job instead!

Quacillus has powerful properties to destroy the protective cell walls of bacterias. It maintains and prolongs the safe water conditions of each water
change. You can leave the water for 9-10 days before changing it as we recommended. Remember, just adding 1 drop of Quacillus weekly is more
than enough. (Do not add Quacillus in the early days of the recent water change.)

How to use Quacillus with the fry:
When taking care of baby fish, you shouldn’t change the water frequently.(Or it can’t be changed for a month.) Add 2-3 drops of Quacillus weekly for
20 liters of water. The beneficial microbes help control other disease- causing microbes in the water. Also, it helps improve healthy living
conditions for the fry and improve their excretory system.

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