One of the questions that have been asked and answered endlessly is how to spot if a fish is sick. We already have an article about this subject

Infection is the common cause of your fish getting sick. Internal and external infections will regularly happen if we don’t know how to tackle them properly. Sometimes, betta fish owners believe that they’ve provided the best care for their beloved fish, BUT it may unknowingly harm the fish and turn into a risk itself! Actually, there are few things you need to focus on: water and food.
In this article, we’re going to share some cases we’ve frequently experienced. We hope you learn how to make your fish thrive and live its best life, not just to survive. Let’s identify the causes and learn mistakes that you may unintentionally make that do more harm than good.


1. Raising your fish with drinking water or filtered water is the most common mistake among beginners. According to the law, filtered and drinking water is required to be free of heavy metals so it doesn’t harm humans. Filtered water contains very few minerals. If you raise a fish with drinking or filtered water for more than 2 months, it’s visible that the fish has become withered and weakened. To make it worse, if you haven’t fed the fish with good-quality food, your fish may eventually become severely sick.
How to solve: Tap water is a perfect choice as it contains rich minerals. It’s filled with chlorine which primarily helps to get rid of germs, parasites, and monogeneans.However, chlorine is deadly for a fish! You need to get rid of chlorine before using it to raise your fish. The easiest way to eliminate chlorine is to use tannin extracts like our Water Enhancer: Tantanic, Aquatan, Blue Tannic. (There are 3 choices of coloration available.) Use tap water straight from the tap, add our tannin extract and add your fish right after. That’s all you need to do! This product is the innovation developed by our research team.

2. Add fermented leaves to a fish tank. This is another cause as bacterial spores are found in fermented leaves. It just takes some time for them to harm your fish. When your beloved fish has open wounds, that’s the right time for these bad germs to attack! Also, the fermentation of plants causes ammonia which leads to surface scum and gradually increases the acidity in water. As a result, the fouled water will eventually harm your fish. That’s why tannin extracts (Water Enhancer) like Tantanic, Aquatan, and Blue Tannic are developed to solve this endless problem. The products are tannin extracts, so they aren’t produced by the fermentation process. Tannins help to reduce ammonia in water so it doesn’t turn murky. They capture the waste to accumulate in the bottom of a fish tank in a cluster. Also, tannins help maintain and prevent a drastic change in pH. You can use the water enhancer with tap water straight from the tap. No need to let the water sit, it will remove chlorine immediately! Test the result yourself with scientific experiments.

3. Decorate a fish tank with stones and aquatic plants. This is the case we need to convey the right message to betta owners. When you decide to add these decorations to a fish tank, you need to take a risk of infection. Wastes and particles are accumulated in the gaps of these stones and plants. Disease-causing microbes bloom just within a few hours! Notice if your fish has open wounds, these decorations may be the cause of their scratched scales. Also, your fish can even get stressed from the poor water condition. These factors will eventually make them ill. On how to solve this problem, don’t add too many stones and aquatic plants to a fish tank. It will be best not to add them to your fish tank at all. Change 100% of the water every seven days to remove germs and clean the decorative pieces thoroughly.After changing the water totally, add our Water Enhancer (tannin extract) together with Cotrixide (external treatment) for protection. (For betta fish, the ratio is 0.5 cc for 1 liter of water.) Cotrixide is essential for getting rid of disease-causing microbes in water and on the fish body. It’s the most effective way to prevent infection.

4. Feed your fish live foods and frozen foods. This unexpectedly becomes the reason why your fish gets an internal infection. You have to change what you believe that betta fish need live food like live and frozen mosquito larvae for nutrients. Always keep in mind that invisible bacterial spores come with all types of live food. If your fish is already weak, it can suddenly get an internal infection that is difficult to be treated.
Besides, most of you may think that pellet food is likely to cause bloating in fish and not very appetizing. We have to disagree with the belief! Our professional research team has developed foods and supplements with the best nutrients, even richer than live food. Aminovita, the mixed vitamin, has been developed as a new innovative supplement. It contains special microbes which can multiply themselves rapidly. The aminovita is specifically aimed to solve all digestive issues and increase digestive enzyme production. The supplement boosts your fish’s energy and benefits your fish’s beautiful fins and tail. It’s also great for the reproductive system and successful spawning.

Our food is perfect for carnivorous fish. Notice fish waste at the bottom of a fish tank. After feeding your fish with the mixture of Goldenbetta Food and Aminovita, your fish excrement will become powdery. (For other foods, the waste looks bigger and is a dark color.) That’s how our products work to improve digestion effectively. Forget the belief that raising your fish with instant food isn't the best choice for nutrients. We don’t know about others, but what our team focuses on is to provide wellness for your fish: the coloration, the body system, the reproductive system. Our food is already rich in nutrients, so feeding your fish just a meal daily is sufficient.Prove and notice the differences yourself within 7 days!

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