How to Use COTRIXIDE to Protect & POWER TREAT to Treat! (English)

Protect your fish from external diseases & Treat infections from the inside!

COTRIXIDE to protect & get rid of disease-causing factors caused by
• Bacteria (rot fin and wounds)
• Virus (white spot disease in shrimp)
• Protozoa (white spot)
• Fungi
• Anchor worm, argulus (fish lice), and monogenea

POWER TREAT to treat internal infections
• 100% Soluble Extracts
• Treat internal infections, suitable for all aquatic pets
• Essential Ingredient : Chlotetracycline 20% w/w
• Benefits : Treat bacterial diseases that cause dropsy, raised scales, fin and tail rots, bloody abdomen, bloody fin, and swim bladder disease. Get rid of protozoa that causes white spots on aquatic animals.


For healthy fish, use only COTRIXIDE to prevent external diseases.
1. Change water in your fish tank and always add Tantanic to the water.
2. Add 0.5 cc of Cotrixide to 1 liter of water for each water change.
( As the product stays effective for 5 days, change the water regularly and add the recommended ratio of the product. )
3. For the preventive purpose, feed your healthy fish normally.

For sick fish, always use COTRIXIDE (External Treatment) + POWER TREAT (Internal Treatment) together for efficiency.
1. Change water in your fish tank and always add Tantanic to the water.
2. Add 1 cc of Cotrixide to 1 liter of water then add 1 spoon of Power Treat (the spoon provided with the package.)
( Note : Don't feed your fish during the first 3 days to prevent bloat. )
3. When reaching 3 days, observe the symptom to see if you can feed the fish on the next day.
We recommend taking a video of the before and after-3-day of treatment.
( Note : It's common to notice slime in the fish tank, it's fish's natural secretion.)
4. On day 4, if your fish is getting better, feed the fish with a mixture of mini pellets and Aminovita.
( Note : Don't feed your fish with fresh / live food as it may lead to further infections.)
5. Change the water in the fish tank on Day 5. Redo the steps of adding Tantanic, Cotrixide (1 cc per 1 liter of water), and Power Treat.
6. For the next 5 days, if the fish is fully recovered, use only Tantanic and Cotrixide for protection (0.5 cc / 1 liter of water).

✴️ For other types of fish, you may need to reduce the concentration. (Read the label for more details.)


💥 This is an additional step targeting specifically for popeye disease. (or an infection in a particular area)
• On the first day of treatment, scoop the fish out of the water, drop Cotrixide directly up to 2 drops, wait for 30 seconds then release the fish back into the tank.
• For a severe case, redo this step on the second day.

Cotrixide (60 cc) 120 THB / (150 cc) 285 THB / (500 cc) 850 THB
Power Treat 50 THB

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